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Sex Episodes

June 24, 2022

26- Erotica, But Make It Gay

I had the pleasure of meeting Mat, host of MAT TALES - an erotica podcast where he shares stories from his 40 years of sexual encounters with gay men. Thing is, the world has changed over the last 40 years. …

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June 16, 2022

25- You're So Kinky, Bro

Tune in to YAAAS BRO’S most EXPLICIT episode yet! We welcome back Jeff, our guest from Ep 11 - That’s Kinky Bro, to revisit some kinks & fetishes previously discussed while also expanding on a few other sex related topics …

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Dec. 16, 2020

11- That's Kinky Bro

Behold - our most explicit episode to date. In this episode, YAAAS BRO welcomes its first time call-in guest (all the way from NY), Jeff, to school and talk us through his experiences with some fetishes. We start off nice …

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Oct. 30, 2020

8- Ghosted. Ghosting. Ghosts.

Who doesn't love a good "ghost" story? In this episode, we uncover that GHOSTS take many forms. In fact, there's lots of paranormal activity going on in the dating scene, where people vanish out of nowhere. Getting "ghosted" ...

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Sept. 10, 2020

3- Growing Up Gay

The drinking and sh*t talking continues this week on YAAAS BRO with another one of Jonathan's best friends, Kevin. This time, they're revisiting old memories and sharing "interesting" tales on some their experiences while gro...

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