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Oct. 15, 2020

6- From Hookups to Homies

6- From Hookups to Homies

In this episode of YAAAS BRO, Jonathan and two of his very close friends, Hector & Alberto, tell the story of how dating/hookup app, Grindr, brought them together. In this shit show, we highlight dating apps and how awesome they can be for a thousand different reasons including: helping you get in touch with your inner slut, boosting your self esteem, expanding your outreach and so much more. We also call out dating app DON'TS, like saying you're looking for friends but all you do is send nudes, and how basically, these dating apps are what you make of them. We somehow got to talk about titty f*cking, the dating pool, the Miami accent, retail queens and a bunch of other unrelated topics all while throwing in some Pokemon and Spongebob references. Hope y'all enjoy this hot mess of an episode!  

Guest IG's: Hector - @hectico_ | Alberto - @alburrtizzle

Music: It's Not Right but It's Okay (Thunderpuss Mix/Remastered: 2000) - Whitney Houston, Chris Cox, Barry Harris 

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