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Sept. 23, 2020

4- Barbers to Bro's

4- Barbers to Bro's

An episode of historic proportions! This week, Yaaas Bro welcomes its first straight guests - South Florida barbers, A.J and Marcelo to talk about barbershop culture. Why? Barbershops are heterosexual male dominant environments that aren't always the most welcoming to its guests, especially to members of the LGBT+ community. In this episode, we discuss barbershop culture and: homophobia, toxic masculinity, barber loyalty, cutting hair while high, barbershop beef, gay clients vs straight clients, allyship, the past/present & future of the barber industry and so much f*cking more. Oh! And we got them to try P*PPERS for the first time. 

Guest IG's: A.J - @highdemandcutter | Marcelo @barbero_prado

Music: Purple Hat - Sofi Tukker | Never Really Over - Katy Perry

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