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July 28, 2022

30- Stop 'Monkeypoxing' Around

30- Stop 'Monkeypoxing' Around
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Seems like every time there’s a new virus going around, everyone suddenly becomes an expert on infectious diseases. Lucky for y'all, after listening to this episode, you'll get to listen to one. Yes - a real one. We welcome Paloma Pimentel, an Infectional Preventionist at a community hospital in Miami, Fl. I brought her on to talk about the mass hysteria that has all the gays clutching their pearls and feeling stigmatized - monkeypox. This episode is loaded with information on: How monkeypox is NOT exclusively sexually transmitted, why 99% of reported monkeypox cases are all from homosexual men, how to reduce your chances of getting monkeypox, knowing the right way to get tested for monkeypox, important things to keep in mind when seeking treatment if you get infected, the importance of getting vaccinated and SOOOO much more. (All stats & data as of 7/26/2022).

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