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July 15, 2022

28- Put Your Fingers There & Massage It

28- Put Your Fingers There & Massage It
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Every now and then, I like to take a break from all the sex, fetish, and nasty talk and give you all an episode related to health and wellness. I do this because I love us and I want us to take better care of ourselves or whatever. In this episode, I'm joined by Alan and Katie, the creators of Moxa - a health & wellness app created to better educate people on how to prevent diseases and how to fix things when they're just a little bit wrong through acupressure. For those of you who don't know, acupressure is "acupuncture without the needles", where you use your fingers to massage and activate those same acupoints and see if it can help your body find balance. While uncovering the magic of this 3000 year old Chinese practice, we also discuss: the benefits of crying, how your body stores sadness in your hips, men's fear of being emotional, understanding the importance of maintaining a balanced Yin and Yang, American dependency on over the counter meds, how "hurt people" - hurt people, and SOOO MUCH MORE. We even feature a guided acupressure session to get you to relax - you're welcome. So tune in, download the Moxa app, and get ready to restore balance in your precious little body. 

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