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June 9, 2022

24- Over the Rainbow?

24- Over the Rainbow?

Happy Pride! And welcome to a new season of YAAAS BRO! So much has happened since the last time I released an episode, so I figured, why the hell not start a new chapter with a new set of guests, a "sort-of" new look and new ways of serving up some gay ol' content.

SO! In this episode, being that it's PRIDE, I want us to all understand why we celebrate it in the first place. We're diving into a little LGBT history lesson where I'll be highlighting a few of the major events that predate the Stonewall Riots. Yes, Stonewall served as a catalyst for the pride celebrations we have today, but it's important that we note a few other moments throughout LGBT history that shaped our community to what it is today. 

Also, hate it or love it, pride branding is a huge part of pride celebrations. Whether you celebrate it or criticize it heavily, rainbow-washing plays a huge part in promoting the LGBTQ+ community. Joining me in this is discussion is Dan Howarth (my boyfriend), where we list out a million reasons why any small effort that goes into rainbow capitalism is a step in the right direction, whether its for the right reasons or not. We actually published an article on this last pride season, and it was translated into a bunch of different languages and published in a few publications around the world. Take that you haters!  

Lastly, I'm launching a monthly book club where I recommend a book for y'all to read. This month, our book is Straight Jacket by Matthew Todd. What are you waiting for? PRESS THAT PLAY BUTTON NEOOOW!

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