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Jan. 11, 2021

12- Once Upon a Foreskin

12- Once Upon a Foreskin

Hello 2021! Host Jonathan welcomes you all to the first episode of the year where he pulls back some truths on foreskin. Guys, whether you have one or not, at some point we've all wondered either what would life be like with it or without it.  In this episode, we welcome David and Rei who tell us about the unfortunate circumstances that led to their circumcisions and how their lives have changed since then in regards to health & sex. We also uncover some foreskin facts, learn how to say foreskin in 10 different languages, talk dick cheese & keeping a clean peen, promote dick positivity, reveal a corn flakes/foreskin conspiracy theory and SO much more. Honestly, who would've though that a little extra skin would make such a difference in some of our lives? 

Guest IG's: David - @zevlag05

Rei - @reisuarez

Music: Head & Heart (feat. MNEK) - Joel Corry, MNEK

Pieces of Me - Ashlee Simpson

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